The Hula Hoop Work Out

The Hula Hoop Work Out

Hula hooping is an aerobic workout that can torch 200 calories in 20 minutes while toning your abs, back, arms, and legs. You need a weighted hoop (1 to 2 pounds), which you can buy at a good sports shop or online.

Tone not only your belly but your butt and thighs, too—and torch 200 calories in just 20 minutes—with this exhilarating Hula-hoop workout.Do each move for five minutes, then move on to the next. Hoop it up four times a week, and you’ll look better in those key zones in four fast weeks.

Basic Pump for Abs

hula hoop 2

A. Stand with one leg forward and the hoop around your waist, holding it against the small of your back. Bend knees slightly, then spin the hoop by giving it a big push around in one direction. (Be sure the hoop is level.)

B. Shift your weight between your forward and backward legs to move your hips forward and backward (as opposed to around), pushing and pulling to keep the hoop spinning.

Keep it moving

Having trouble keeping the hoop up and spinning? Try these three tricks:

• Speed up. Use power from your feet and legs to increase your pace.

• Squat and shimmy. Bend your knees to squat down and “catch” the hoop, so you can shimmy it onto your waist.

• Turn. Move your body in the same direction that the hoop is moving around your body. The hoop’s rotation will slow so you can bring it back under control. Then, resume your forward-backward push-pull motion.


Booty bump (for thighs and butt)

hulla hoop 3

With feet together, hold hoop against small of back. Bend knees and lean forward at waist. With arms raised and back arched, spin hoop; as it rolls over lower back, push up onto toes, popping hoop up with push from lower back. Bounce heels up and down to keep the hoop moving


Booty blitz (for butt)

hulla hoop 4

A. Stand with one leg forward and the hoop around your waist, holding it against the small of your back. Bend your knees slightly, then spin the hoop by giving it a big push around in one direction (be sure hoop is level), shifting weight between your feet and moving your hips forward and backward to keep the hoop moving.


B. Slow the movement of your hips until the hoop begins to sink. As soon as you feel the hoop contact your butt, press your feet into the floor and increase the speed of your forward-backward push-pull motion, pushing into the hoop right above your pubic bone as it spins.


Vertical Whisper (for thighs)

hulla hoop 5

Pass the hoop from hand to hand around your body. Pull belly button in toward spine; lift leg on the opposite side from hoop. Extend leg straight out, passing hoop underneath from hand to hand. Alternate legs; repeat

Five hula hooping workout tips.

1.    Stabilize your torso and legs, and mobilize your midsection. Only use your abdominal muscles and hips to keep the hoop spinning.

2.    Scoop your belly in and lift your ribcage. Extend from the center of your body out. The better your posture, the easier it will be to hoop.

3.    Hold the hoop parallel to the floor as you start the spin, and give it some good momentum so it doesn’t start out wobbly.

4.    If your hoop starts to fall, lengthen your spine, push forward and back, and move faster. Imagine yourself as the axis of the orbit. If you try to move with the hoop (rotating your hips in a circle) the hoop will lose momentum and fall. Move side to side with your waist and hips or back to front with your belly.

5.    Stick with it. The longer you hoop, the more your body gets used to the movements. And that will make your workouts even more effective and more fun


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