Signs of Vitamin Deficiency

Signs of Vitamin Deficiency


Watch out for: Cholesterol ring

This sign presents as white halo around the perimeter of the iris. It may indicate a family history of heart disease. If you exercise, eat well, add garlic and fish to your diet, maintain a healthy weight, you will probably avoid this fate. Either way, it’s advisable to go for a cholesterol check too.

Watch out for: Orange tones

A deep orange colour surrounding the pupil can be a sign of disordered sugar metabolism. Eating sweet and high glycaemic foods may have a negative effect on your mood and energy. Desist from these foods, eat protein with each meal, take a supplement with B vitamins, chromium and zinc and enjoy the difference.


Watch out for: Paleness

When you press the nail, the area should initially be white or pale, but as soon as the pressure is released, the nail should look a rosy pink. Nails that are very pale may indicate a deficiency in iron. Take a liquid iron supplement or increase iron rich foods including red meat, green leafy vegies (with a squeeze of lemon juice to increase iron absorption) prunes and dried apricots.

Watch out for: White spots

White spots on the nail may be due to a trauma or bump, but may also indicate a zinc deficiency. When you take a zinc supplement or eat more zinc rich foods such as oysters, seafood, seeds and meat, the spots should disappear.

Watch out for: Peeling

Thin, weak, peeling weak nails may indicate a deficiency of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which in turn has an effect on digestion. Bloating is a common symptom. Taking herbal bitters before meals will help strengthen your nails and reduce bloating.


Watch out for: Scalloped edges

Scalloped edges or teeth indentations around the edge of the tongue are a sign of Qi deficiency. In other words you are exhausted and need to rest. Book a holiday, take some stress reducing herbs including, Ginseng and Echinacea. A vitamin A+B complex as well.

Watch out for: White or cream coating

A thick white coating on the tongue, and sometimes on the inside of the mouth may indicate thrush or candida. Reducing sugar, wine and beer will help. A creamy coating towards the back of the tongue may indicate dysbiosis – where the intestinal microflora are out of balance.  A course of probiotics should help.


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