Recipe: Carrot Stew

Recipe: Carrot Stew

”Carrot stew” My breakfast plate.

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Carrots are the ultimate health food. They are good for the eyes, skin protect you against prostate cancer (men only), lung cancer, cancer of the colon and have been shown to kill leukemia cells..

Ingredients shown in picture below.

carrot stew


 I started by boiling the blended carrot mixture shown in the pic…After 5 mins of boiling I added the raw chopped prawns and maggi and allowed to cook for about 10mins.

While that was cooking I fried the chopped tomatoes, onions, red hot pepper, and garlic in two tablespoons of olive oil for 7mins to form a pasty mix.

I then added the fried tomatoes mixture to the boiling carrot mixture and allowed to cook for another 5mins, then I added the chopped cooked snails and some diced carrot and cooked with low heat for another 5mins and then added the fish flakes, cumin, ginger powder, and diced green and red bell peppers and let stew slowly for another 2mins and Viola the thickened stew was ready…. I then doused some black peper over the cooked stew.Tasty, filling and crunchy (due to the diced carrot added).

****The fresh Prawns had been pre soaked in a little salt overnight in the fridge.
Proteins; Prawns, Snails and Salmon Fish.

Try this and give your feedback.

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