High Risk Sexual Behaviour 1

High Risk Sexual Behaviour 1

Author – Funky Pharmacist

I was at work one evening when a beautiful girl and when i say beautiful, i do not use the term loosely. She came up to me, asked to see me in private. It was not a strange request as i work in a community pharmacy.

She giggled in a childish manner while i waited for her to get to the point. She began,” I like the way you look. You would understand me”. I smiled politely as she continued, “Pharmacist, I can call you that right? I have been feeling funny down there and i am very sure something is not right. I have been unbearably itchy for some days now and the stuff coming out of it looks a bit green and smells funny”. I listened carefully to her symptoms then explained to her that she had an infection. I gave her the appropriate medication and ended by counselling by saying “Your boyfriend will need to be treated as well”.  She giggled in a silly way again, seeing the confusion on my face she quickly replied, “Oh No! I did not get this from a guy. You see my girlfriends and I were just playing around”. I was even more confused. She went on, “we were just you know trying out some dildos and things. I think that is what affected me because we used the same one”.

I was for a moment lost for words. When did playing around translate to something else? When did harmless become so risky? How well do we really know the people we are sleeping with?

There are infections aside HIV/AIDS which have deadly outcomes some which remain silent killers till the end. The use of condoms has been preached repeatedly but some still prefer to go without. I could say be faithful to your partner but can you be sure of your partners’ fidelity? Permit me to say, sex outside a committed relationship should always be protected.

I would encourage everyone to go for routine tests. Ladies especially, a vaginal swab test for bacterial and fungal infections is important as some of these infections are an underlying cause of infertility.

Would you not rather be safe than sorry?

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