Healthy breakfast choices

Healthy breakfast choices

You know the saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” but it is not always the easiest one when you are getting yourself and your family ready in the morning. Planning quick breakfast options ahead of time can help the mornings go a little smoother. And you will feel better knowing that you started the day doing something healthful for yourself and your family.


Smoothies are a quick breakfast option that can be taken anywhere. Just blend together yogurt, milk or any kind of fruit juice, and fresh or frozen fruit. Keep the fruit frozen to make it thicker. Experiment with your favorite yogurt flavors and fruits. Try pineapple with banana, a mix of berries, mango and strawberry. Any combination will work.

 Breakfast Sandwiches

Try these quick sandwich ideas: Toast tortilla with cheese and a slice of tomato for a quick “breakfast pizza.” Spread peanut butter on whole-wheat toast. If you don’t like peanut butter, try low-fat cream cheese. Add slices of your favorite fruit to add more flavor and fiber to your morning. Breakfast burritos with scrambled eggs, cubed ham and salsa are a great start to your day. Make extra crustless quiche for dinner and pop a serving in a tortilla with salsa for a quick breakfast burrito.

Cereal on the Go

Put cereal in baggies the night before for the mornings when you have no time. Try mixing different whole-grain cereals for a variety of flavor. Try Kellogs Fruit and Fibre.

Plan Ahead

Fix pancakes, breakfast cookies, breads and even breakfast burritos on the weekends and freeze. Take them out the night before to thaw and warm in the microwave or toaster oven before you run out the door. Smoothie ingredients can be combined in a container the night before and blended with a handheld blender in the morning. Make any meal of your choice and warm up for breakfast during the week.



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  1. Jades · November 10, 2013

    I totally love this article because I have been having issues with stress @ work, eating breakfast, skipping meals et al…God bless you guys

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