Fear of Dogs

Fear of Dogs

I had a childhood fear of strange dogs. We had dogs in my compound but that did not help my fear especially when one of the dogs we had went “wild”.

At the slightest provocation Skipper would bark and wail for hours. He even attacked the person feeding him. It was then my fear multiplied. I would imagine several scenarios in my head, none pretty.

We had to get rid of Skipper. My fears also never became a reality, though i wonder from time to time.

What do you do when cornered by a dog?

Understand dog body language – most dogs will show specific warning signs before biting.

If you are cornered by a dog, remain still and avoid eye contact. Never run and/or scream. When the dog stops paying attention to you, slowly back away.

If knocked over by a dog, fall to your side in a fetal position, covering your head and neck. Remain very still and calm.

Never approach a dog that is eating, sleeping or caring for puppies. Dog in these situations are more likely to be protective and can become startled.

With some dogs simply facing the dog with a loud, deep-throated confident “NO!!!!” will often be enough to stop the dog in its tracks. Most will turn and leave. The fact is these are not strong dogs that want to fight a human, they are weak dogs who show aggression, because they have learned that aggression makes people leave them alone. Dogs from this category that don’t turn and leave will stand off and bark. Dogs like this are the ones who have the hair up on their back as they approach, they may (or may not) show a lot of teeth. Their body posture is not forward, they will stand with their feet apart.

No matter how scared you are, you can’t out run a dog, and running will only trigger prey drive and increase the possibility of an attack and being bitten.

Another group of dogs, (those that know how to fight humans), are a different situation. Mostly guard dogs or trained attack dogs. The only way to deal with an attack from these dogs is to climb a tree or fight them.

I would not suggest fighting with any dog but a tip that may help is to cut off air supply ( by choking).

If anyone that is reading this article lives near aggressive dogs, always carry pepper gas and a walking stick. In fact, if you have to walk by a house or apartment with aggressive dogs, get it out and have it in your hand. If an attack comes you will not have time to fish around in your purse or pocket.

Be Safe.

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