Eating Out Vs Cooking; the health implications

Eating Out Vs Cooking; the health implications

We all know that our diet is a major influence on our health. Our food choices determine whether or not we are getting adequate amounts of the nutrients our bodies need to function properly. According to research, it seems that eating home cooked meals may lead to better health outcomes than eating out frequently. This is definitely not surprising, but the extent of the benefits and some of the specific benefits may surprise you. Hopefully the following information will motivate you to make time for nutritious family dinners that are not only good for your health, but your family’s health as well.

Food Allergies and Sensitivities

Cooking your own meals affords you the peace of mind that goes along with having complete control over the type and quality of ingredients in your meals and the degree of cleanliness that goes into their preparation. Preparing meals at home allows you to easily accommodate family members or guests who have allergies or food intolerance.


Restaurant and fast foods are notoriously high in fat, salt and sugar. These foods are fine as an occasional indulgence or for a special occasion, but not healthy as a regular diet. Preparing most of your meals at home helps you eat healthier. More meals cooked and eaten at home may help trim your waistline and prevent obesity.

Food Safety

Food-borne illnesses caused by bacteria-laden or under-cooked meats and vegetables regularly make headlines and occasionally claim lives like the recent cholera outbreak.  While food you buy at the market may be similarly contaminated, attention to proper food handling and cooking techniques keep you safer.

Even if you think you are hopeless in the kitchen; like everything else, practice and increasing your knowledge makes perfect. Let these tips guide you;

1. Add to what you know

Search for recipes on the web and in cookery books, read them through even if it is a recipe for a meal you think you have perfected. With Nigerian food recipes, and any other world recipe, there are often many ways to cook a meal and achieve the same results. So there’s always something new to learn.

When you eat a familiar meal and you notice an improvement in the taste, it is good to ask the cook what he/she did to achieve that.

2. Timing

This is one of the top tips of how to become a good cook. Knowing the right time to add certain ingredients goes a long way to making your food taste better.

3. Organization

Some things need to be done before you even light up the stove for example; you can take your time and cut up every vegetable that needs to be chopped.This is so that once it is time to add these, it is easier rather than hurriedly washing and cutting them to add.

4. Attention to detail

Watch out for how your cooking can benefit from low, medium or high heat.

5. Have the basic tools you need

6. Plan Ahead

It is a good idea to plan what you want to cook ahead of time. This is so that you can be sure to buy all the necessary ingredients for preparing the recipe.

7. Choose your time carefully

The less you are distracted from your cooking, the better attention you will pay to the preparation of the meal. This way, there will be no burnt/overcooked meals later!

8. Keep Practicing

Practice, they say, makes perfect. The more often you cook, the more you learn new and better ways of the art of cooking.



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