Body Reboot; Juice and Vegetable Detox Cleanse

Body Reboot; Juice and Vegetable  Detox Cleanse

Author – Ndidi Ndekwu

The human body is a machine and like all machines, the stress of everyday life often takes its toll. We feel sluggish, irritable,tired all the time and find it difficult to function on a day to day basis. This is actually your body’s way of telling you it is in need of some rejuvenation. It may also need some vital nutrients often lacking in the highly processed, fat saturated food commonly in the modern diet.They put so much stress on our organs and in the long term can lead to degenerative diseases.

One of the most effective ways of revitalizing your body to perform at its fullest is through a total body detox. Simply put, for a period of days your body is on a fast, abstaining from any kind of cooked food by eating solely organic vegetable or fruit in juice form.

A detox cleanse is very demanding on the body physiologically and psychologically but is one of the best ways to heal your body naturally and break the cycle of craving unhealthy food.

I recently embarked on a 7 day juice fast which turned into 14 days  because I loved the way my body felt so much that I decided not only to extend the fast but include it to my regular diet and lifestyle program.

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I noticed an increase in my energy levels and clarity of mind.  I never felt lethargic throughout the detox which was a surprise to me because I did not eat any solid food, this is in fact one of the side effects of a slowdown in the digestive processes of the body.

This is because detox juices which are packed with phytonutrients require less of the stomach’s digestive processing before being absorbed by the body therefore consuming less energy giving your intestines much needed rest. By conserving your energy, you give your body an opportunity to heal you on a cellular level. It will give your body an avenue to cleanse and  heal every single organ in the body .Weight loss can easily be achieved because the body now has more energy to burn off extra excess fat.

I also noticed during the detox that there were no cravings for unhealthy food, although i got hunger pangs (this is often a side effect of the detoxification process). There is no need to satiate this hunger with unhealthy snacks because your cells will  feel fully nourished as a result of the density of nutrients the body is receiving. It basically resets your appetite and even makes it feel like your stomach is shrunk.

The first week was a breeze and I thoroughly enjoyed the benefits, however as you get deeper into a “fast” your body goes full on into deep healing mode, this is what I experienced towards the second week.

You may begin to experience stomach cramps, bloating, headaches and many other forms of reactions by the body to the detoxification process. This is because the body is further removing toxins from scarred tissue matter and organs and dumping them into the bloodstream to be eliminated out of the body.If any of these is experienced, drinking warm water with lemon or ginger will aid in flushing out toxins.

It is important to note that by no means does a juice fast encourage starvation.  The key thing here is to do a sort of spring cleaning for the body by eliminating years of toxic build up from consuming processed meals and replacing them with super nutrients to build a strong and healthy body that will help you live a fuller life. One thing to note while fasting is to LISTEN to your body and pace yourself, one can include the consumption of nuts such as almonds, cashews etc  not only are they filling even in small quantities but they also provide essential fats and oils to the body.

Take it one day at a time; start with a 3 day fast program. Watch how your body responds and take it from there.

Your body will thank you for it, you will feel lighter, have more clarity and most importantly healthier.


Happy Juicing.

Here’s a quick juice recipe to help you kickstart your detox


-4 carrots

- Lettuce


-Peg of garlic

-Ginger  root

Blend together for a refreshing meal.


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