Benefits of Socializing

Benefits of Socializing

“The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best”

Just like a balanced diet and exercise, an active social life is an important part of healthy living. Studies show that people who have good social networks may live longer — and better. So, how socially connected you are now may help determine how healthy and independent you will be in the future.

The benefits of staying connected

It takes effort to stay connected. Between kids and work and everything else, people are busy. Sometimes it may feel like it’s just too hard to stay in touch. But if you can find the time and energy, you may be pleasantly surprised at how fulfilling it can be. Having a few close, mutually supportive friends can be a key to staying healthy. Not only is having friends more fun, these relationships may also help you:

Feel supported

Stay mentally sharp

Reach your goals

Develop a more active lifestyle

Reduce stress

Have better health outcomes

Enhance your sense of well-being and happiness

Lengthen your lifespan

What’s more, some studies suggest that not having a social network can be bad for your health. Some researchers believe that social isolation can lead to a state of ongoing stress, which can eventually cause serious health problems. So staying connected has many benefits.

Tips for building a better support system

There are many ways to develop social connections in your community. Here are a few ideas:

Take a course or classes in yoga, crafts, cooking even professional courses or something else that interests you.

Get involved at your place of worship, a club or other organization.

Volunteer for a cause you believe in e.g Slum to School or any active charity around you.

Start or join a book club.

Join a fitness center or gym.

Plan a social gathering, like a game-playing or movie-watching night.

As you are meeting new people, be sure to keep up with the friends you’ve already got. Devoting more time and energy to these friendships can lead to deeper, more rewarding relationships.

Connect online

Friendships can grow through online communities, too. There are plenty of sites that have been designed for social interaction though do not be gullible to fraudsters.

And while you’re at it, consider joining an online health community. Visit regularly, catch up with us on social media; twitter-@stayhealthwise, instagram- @stayhealthwise, facebook – Email – This would serve as an outlet for socializing while also promoting good physical health; Interact with like-minded people, discuss health concerns with others,get and give encouragement for meeting personal health goals.

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