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Mail from Reader;

I know same sex relationships are not allowed in this part of the world. But I actually came out to know the health implications of being gay. You stated we could ask health related questions, whether embarrassing or not. I had series of relationships with multiple partners but have always been safe until I met a guy. We both connected well and we began dating. We got tested and started having raw sex. We were both versatile. But I started having penile infections(yellowish puss coming out of the penis, pains while urinating)…few days after sex I find it difficult to urinate without pains. I’ve always been faithful to this dude, but dunno if he was to me. So I had to call of the relationship after series of ups and downs. So I wanna know, what health implications do I stand at risk,as a gay man who also engage in oral sex. And what health measures do I take as a gay man.



Hi Fred,

The abundance of nerve endings in the anal region and rectum makes anal sex pleasurable for many women and men because of the nerve endings and blood flow in the area. It also serves as a passage way for waste which makes it susceptible to infections if there is a tear or injury.

Lubrication, cleanliness, and condoms reduce the chance of tearing and minimize the risk of transmitting disease during anal sex. The anus does not produce lubrication; it must be applied. Anal skin and tissue is likely to tear when it is dry, so lubrication is important before penetration. Lubricant should be water based or “condom or latex friendly”. KY gel is fine.

Washing the anal region before and after anal sex reduces the amount of bacteria that could be spread from partner to partner, but may also remove some of the natural protection the body has to infection. Oral-to-anal contact is safest when using a dental dam, a flat, sheet like condom that provides a barrier between the mouth or fingers and the anus.

Oral-to-anal contact, whether from kissing or from oral contact with fingers that have been touching the anus can spread bacteria and cause infection. Even the use of sex toys may transmit certain diseases. Practicing safer sex can prevent STDs.

To protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections:

Get re tested and have your partner tested again. You did not mention when last you or your partner was tested. You may test yourself every 6 months.

Use a condom  every time you have sex — especially during anal sex, but ideally during oral sex as well at least till you and your verify your health status. This way it is easier to trace the route of infection. The puss and painful urinating are symptoms of a urinary tract infection or STI. You should do a urinalysis at a lab to know exactly what we treating (the causative micro organism) and a comprehensive blood work.

Get vaccinated. Vaccinations can protect you from hepatitis A and hepatitis B, serious liver infections that can spread through sexual contact.

Remain vigilant. There’s no cure for HIV/AIDS and many sexually transmitted infections, such as genital herpes. The best way to stay healthy is to protect yourself.

I hope this helps

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