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Ask the Doctors

Dear doctor,

Can i get cancer from roll on or spray deodorants?



**************************************************************************************************************************************Are antiperspirants and deodorants really safe to use?

A while back, people began sending around emails warning about the link between aluminum in antiperspirants and breast cancer risk. This link may have originated because women are often told not to wear antiperspirants or deodorants before a mammogram. Residue from the products can show up on X-rays and be mistaken for an abnormality in the breast. So far, the FDA, the American Cancer Society, and the National Cancer Institute have said that no existing scientific or medical evidence has been found to link the products to breast cancer.

Never use either antiperspirant or deodorant on broken, cut skin.

 What is the difference between deodorants and roll on?

Deodorant: Our armpits are home to many sweat glands, creating two warm and tucked-away spots where bacteria can thrive. To make our armpits a little less bacteria-friendly, deodorants contain ingredients that are acidic or salty. No bacteria to mix with the sweat means no smell. Some deodorants also contain fragrance or perfumes to mask unpleasant body odours.

Antiperspirant: Check the label of most antiperspirant, and you’ll find aluminum compounds as the active ingredients. These compounds absorb into the skin, temporarily plugging up the sweat ducts, stemming the flow of sweat. That “plug” only lasts for a little while, so that’s why people have to reapply antiperspirant to keep dry.

 Which product should I choose?

It’s really an issue of personal choice. Decide based on your personal needs. First, consider which sweat side effect you want to deal with: the wetness or the smell – or both?

For some, the sweat-and-stink-fighting combo of a two-in-one works best. Others opt for deodorant only. Choose your preferred scent, or lack of scent, and consider how you like a product to feel when you put it on – do you prefer wet or dry?




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