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Ask the Doctors

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Dear Doctor!


An elderly ( about 55 – 60 yrs) office colleague of mind cannot eat any kind of food without his stomach thundering amidst sleeplessness. The whole substance eaten, no matter small, will concentrate on lower right side of abdomen and bulge out, which sometimes moves until ejected. Several medical tests including scanning have failed to detected any abnormally. But even after several medications, the problem have persists for 4 yrs now and still counting.

Sir! Is there any hope for this man who now survives with just a little slice of bread with just little water 2 or 3x daily; for fear of his stomach, to survive this 4yrs? No other foods, even cereal pap; no meat, no oil, not even fruits of any kind.

Doctor! Any medical advice to help this poor colleagues that have becomes so despondent?

Thank You.


Kontagora – Niger State


He should visit a general surgeon or a gatroenterologist and have a ct scan of the abdomen done.

Also we would try to connect you with a specialist if you are unable to find one.


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