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Hello doc,

I have this health problem and I don’t know wether its a physical,phsycological or spiritual. Am a graduate preparing for nysc. I discovered 1yr ago that my voice seizes(kind of bridge once in a while) or gets shaky wen am talking. It gets worst if am stressed, in anxiety,under pressure to speak. At first I thought it was a form of stuttering, but I never stuttered up till now,though some of my brothers and cousin stutter. Presently its a little bit better, but am not that eloquent speaker I used to be. It scares me wenever am called to speak in the public, atimes I find it difficult to speak on phone. I have been told to eat things like okro,vegetables,bitter kola,alligator pepper, scented leaf etc. I hv taken all these with little or no improvement recorded. Am kind of confuse cos I can’t pin the cause of the problem. Am an intelligent and bright in terms of academics, and am presently teaching in a secondary sch jst to attack my fears. I see this thing as a limitation n some peole are saying it might get worse as I age. I studied chemical engring in school.I have complain abt this to a doctor who says I should jst manage it and if it really gets worst then another measure will be taken. Please I need ur advice on these thanks.


Hello there,

I believe it may be psychological. It is great that you have started teaching in a secondary school to attack those fears. You have just graduated and preparing for NYSC. I am sure at this point you see a little how the real world looks compared to how you saw things as a student. Be confident in yourself, keep building your self esteem.

Spiritual or not spiritual, people are still succeeding regardless. Keep doing your best not to be put down by this.

Take any opportunity you can to speak publicly, give testimonies in your church or mosque every time you can. Speak to people you are comfortable with, also strike a conversation with strangers when you can. Keep talking.

If this persists after a month you might have to see a specialist.

Keep your head up.

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  1. anonymous · September 29, 2013

    it is spiritual

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