10 things women should have in their handbags

10 things women should have in their handbags

Aside from the obvious (wallet, phone, keys) there are a few other in-case-of-emergency essentials that every woman should keep in the depths of their bag. Save yourself an embarrassing “excuse me, do you have a…” stutter and keep these little saviours on you at all times.

1. Mints

There’s nothing worse than bad breath… and there’s also nothing worse than a noisy gum-chewer. Keep a pack of mints or gum in your purse so nobody has to guess what you had for lunch.

2. Tissues

It’s something your mother always told you to take, but a pack of Paloma sure comes in handy when you’re in the public toilet and you’re confronted with your worst fear: an empty toilet paper roll. Trust us on this one.

3. Safety Pins

You never know when you would need them especially for a wardrobe malfunction; If your button comes off or your slit gets torn.

4. Compact mirror

Call us vain, but you’ll thank us later when you’re the one to realize you’ve got some food stuck in your teeth… Or when you need to reassess your make up for an important meeting.

5. Perfume

Hide a multitude of smelly sins with a sample of your favourite scent… and give him something (nice) to remember you by as you drift past.

6. Plaster

It’s a bit hard to hold your head up high when your  new shoes are cutting into your heel. Some new shoes may pinch at the heel, having on a plaster or band- aids at the heel of your foot would prevent blisters Nip blisters in the bud especially on long days where you have to be on your feet and look gorgeous in heels.

7. Hair tie

Sweaty hair plastered to your forehead just isn’t a good look. Always keep a hair elastic in your wallet (along with some hair pins) in case you need to pull together an emergency up-do especially with the heat in these parts.

8. Painkillers

Keep a strip of Pandadol or Neurofen in your purse for everything from headaches to hangovers.

9. Red lipstick

A ruby-red lipstick can instantly take your work ensemble to va-va-voom in seconds. Forget the smokey eyes; a bold red lip will add instant glamour to any outfit… and it drives the boys wild!

10. Sanitary Pads

Having Aunt Flo spring a surprise visit on you can be awkward at the best of times, so make sure you’re always prepared with pads or tampons.

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